Monday, 17 July 2017

It's about time someone spoke up against Cristiano Ronaldo's use of surrogacy

The Portuguese phrase for surrogacy is 'barriga de aluguer', which translates literally into English as 'belly for hire'. This accurately describes the despicable and becoming all too mainstream phenomena of surrogacy. The most famous soccer player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, has used surrogates in the United States to have his eldest son, and recently twins. At the time surrogacy was almost unheard of in Portugal, and illegal (subsequently came into law in 2016). Yet no one in Portugal has ever had to courage to publicly question the immoral use of surrogates by the country's most famous son. That is until esteemed Portuguese Paediatric Plastic Surgeon, Prof. Dr. Antonio Gentil Martins.

In an interview with Expresso Magazine, published over weekend, Dr. Gentil Martins lambastes the dictatorship of Political Correctness, the normalisation of homosexuality, and the use of surrogacy. The interview has proved highly controversial even leading to the Ordem dos Médicos, the body which regulates Medical licencing in Portugal, to launch an investigation.

When asked what he thought of the notion of a single man having children using a surrogate, as has been case of Cristiano Ronaldo, Dr. Gentil Martins pulls no punches:
"I consider it a serious crime. It's degrading, a tragedy. Ronaldo is an excellent athlete, has immense skill, but is a moral deviant*, and can not be a role model for anyone. Every child has the right to have a mother. I think one of the great culprits of this is his mother. That lady did not teach him anything" 
*Original phrase used is 'estupor moral', a Portuguese pejorative for misbehaving individuals derived from the medical term stupor.
Dr. Gentil Martins singles out Ronaldo's mother, Dolores Aveiro, for particular criticism. She is very close to Ronaldo, and looks after his children, and has openly spoken about how she wanted to procure an illegal abortion when she fell pregnant with Cristiano. Though it may seem like an unprovoked attack, Dr. Gentil Martins may be referring to the fact that the Ronaldo's children do not know who their mother is. It was reported in 2015 that Ronaldo's eldest child had asked for his mother. At first the family told the child that his mother was dead, then saw the distress this caused him, said that his mother was alive but had abandoned him. This is cruelty personified, and along with treating women as slaves, surrogacy deprives children of their right to know who their biological parents are.

Dr. Gentil Martins comments on homosexuality in the same interview, has caused even greater controversy, with a number of fellow doctors actually reporting him to the Ordem dos Médicos. When asked if he thought two people of the same sex could love each other, he retorted rather simply:
Listen, it's simple: if that were the case the world is over. For the world to exist there must be men and women. I treat them [people with SSA] like any sick person and I am in pain if they are. I will not treat a person badly because he is a homosexual, but I will not accept it and will not promote it. If they ask me 'is it right?' I think not. It's an anomaly, it's a deviant form of personality. Like sadomasochists or people who mutilate themselves.
Medically, what Dr. Gentil Martins has said is correct, politically it is not, and evidently some at the Ordem dos Médicos what to jump on the LGBTQISJ bandwagon, singing 'Born this way', when this has been scientifically proven to not be the case. 

This interview has been pounced on in Portugal, with secular liberals forming an Inquisition against Dr. Gentil Martins. His track record of opposing abortion and euthanasia, homosexual 'marriage' have all been brought up by a rabid press who want him to recant his views. He shows no willingness to back down. And he won't.

Dr. Gentil Martins, who has 8 children, and 25 grand and great-grandchildren is a remarkable individual; an Olympic shooter, performed the first successful separation of Siamese twins in Portugal, former head of the Ordem dos Médicos, and even at 87 still provides consultations and occasionally performs surgery. I had the honour to meet him at a Conference in Portugal. Força Sr. Professor Doutor, estamos com você


  1. Dr. Martins, you are a great man of courage, I applaud you. Thank you for your witness. May God bless and protect you and your family.

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